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International Photojournalist

An acclaimed photojournalist, Narelle Byrne is known for her contributions in the fight for social change.

For over 20 years, Narelle has been tirelessly working for the betterment of society through photography, songs, poems and fashion shows.

Acclaimed Photojournalist

Photojournalism is a blend of photography and journalism whereby the photojournalist focuses on telling a story in strictly ethical journalistic terms using pictures.

With years of experience as a photojournalist and an inherent passion for photography, Narelle Byrne has developed the reflexes to capture images and moments at the right time. A visual storyteller and social activist, Narelle's contributions cannot go unseen.

As a theme photographer she has exhibited both in Australia and overseas on various topics including her photograms, fashion shows and music in mixed media formats on human rights and social justice issues.

Fighting Social Injustice Through Lenses

Photojournalist Williamstown
Photojournalist Yarraville

Emerging Artists

Narelle Byrne supports and promotes people who aspire to pursue an artistic career with networking opportunities in media releases, social media and artistic direction.

The Narelle Byrne Gallery welcomes and encourages new submissions and other emerging artists to exhibit their works on a regular basis.

As an experienced art activist, her photo essay, “State of Mind” creates awareness about drugs and alcohol abuse and are showcased at the Narelle Byrne Gallery in Williamstown - her home town.

Creating And Promoting New Artists

Narelle's Photo Exhibitions:

  • State Of Mind
  • Teacup Fairytale
  • Scales of Justice
  • We Shine Like Stars: When We Say No to Violence

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