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Previous Exhibitions and Gallery Represented Artists:

Narelle Byrne Gallery Kew 2008 - 2013
Francine Cockerill / Chas Chalker / EDAR / Ian Wood / Skippygirl Graphics / David Pringle /  Eltham and Thornbury High /  Narelle Byrne / Jennifer Rees & Radu  Dimitriu / The Jan Gladys - Testro Memorial.

Narelle Byrne Gallery - Williamstown - 2013 / 14

David Pringle  -  September & October 2013, June 2014 ( Ongoing Artist Workspace / display )

Vasiliki Kyeiakiois  -  November 2013

Narelle Byrne - December 2013, August 2014 - Retrospective Exhibition

OneFourFour - April 2014 Artists in Public Spaces.

Luka Lesson - "The People Tour" 2014  -  Poetry Event

Adrian Wilson - July 2014 - "Now Your On Your Oown" Debut Exhibition 2014

Art Gallery Yarraville

David Pringle

David Pringle, an artist of 40 years experience, paints with oil onto canvas. His paintings reflect his quirky view of life from a late middle age perspective. He paints in fast brush strokes reflecting what he believes to be his  "insecurity". Landscapes generally from Victoria including Wonthaggi and Williamstown. His influences include  Henri Rousseau and French Impressionists, Surrealist art including Dali and Kandinsky as he enjoys experiencing  colour theory using decorative colours of blues and yellows. His works resemble child like 'Naive" Art where forms emerge to create a delightful narrative. David Pringle intergrades a mix of styles and influences as a medium for self exploration.

"The most fascinating aspect about David's work for me is his dynamic depth of field in a variety of his work. Although he has been recoginsed for his Naive Folk Art style, many of his works are truly sophisticated. It has been a pleasure to support David as we move into our 5th year working together. I hope for him the recognition and success he deserves from devoting his life to the arts which could have been passed down from his Grandmother who today has a painting  exhibited at the Ballarat Art Gallery".   NARELLE BYRNE 2013

Currently exhibiting at Narelle Byrne Gallery. Hours 11-4pm Thursday to Sunday or by appointment.

Vasiliki Kyeiakiois


Opening Saturday 3rd November 3-5 pm - 30th November 2013

About Narelle

Narelle Byrne is a focus artist and photojournalist.  She has worked internationally and locally in Human Rights and Social Justice Issues for over 20 years. Narelle’s work fosters love and peace.  It crosses channels of photo journalism, art, music, writing and public
Narelle has exhibited both in Australia and overseas in mixed media formats on human rights and social justice issues.  The United Nations Association of Australia (UNAA) sonsored her exhibition "State Of Mind"  at the Melbourne Convention Centre in 2004.

In 2004 she was nominated for the United Nations Media Peace Award.  She has presented and attended at a number of International Conferences on Drug Related Harm. Narelle is currently completing her PhD on the role of the Dah Theatre, Belgrade in giving a voice to women left shattered by the effects of war.

Art Gallery Yarraville

Adrian Wilson


"Now Your On Your Own" Debut Exhibition
Opening Driday 4th July until 31st July 2014


Artist notes
26 May 2014

I’m a 35 year old artist/tattoo Artist living in Frankston with my two young children, Lily and Koby.  Art has always been in my blood. I watched my dad painting and drawing before I could walk, and did my best to do the same! My grandma was an oil painter and dad is one of the best illustrators working in Australia today. I was fascinated by tattoo art in my teens, and now work at True Tattoo in Frankston. As well as tattoo work, I’m a full time dad by day, and paint and draw at night. I paint in acrylics but believe that drawing is the key to being a good artist, and essential for a tattoo artist – so I do a lot of drawing!

My main influences were my father, Magritte and Dali when I was at art school, but today there are so many amazing painters and tattoo artist that influence me, from very dark realistic images of Dale Davenport and Tommy Lee Wendtner, to the very traditional Japanese art of Jeff Gogue and the Horiyoshi family.       

I studied art in the late 90’s, but concentrated on my music during those formative years.  I started out as a drummer/singer in the band Chucka-tanti , the Cruisey Dukes and Hydra, but started singing and recording in 2004 with the guitarist Chris James. Music is nothing to me if it’s not pure and honest, and I try to achieve the same honesty in my paintings. The freedom I feel when surfing is also a feeling I hope to express through much of my art. I also want to tell the stories of our history, particularly my family history and the sacrifices they made during two world wars and Vietnam.

Art Gallery Yarraville