212a Whitehall St,

Yarraville - 3013

Art Gallery in Australia

Narelle Byrne uses art and photography skills to combat social injustices, as well as drug and alcohol addiction. You can view her works at the Narelle Byrne Gallery.

Contemporary Art Gallery

Narelle Byrne encourages young and emerging artists to expose their works at her gallery in Williamstown.

Situated at the Steam Packet Hotel, Narelle Byrne Art Gallery welcomes any talented artist who wants to exhibit their artistic projects, or anyone who wants to raise awareness for any social issues.

Artist and sculptor Radu Dimitriu displayed his work, The Art of Self Expression in Kew, at Narelle's gallery a few years ago, among many others.

Promoting talents by giving them a platform to show their work

Art Gallery Williamstown
Art Gallery Yarraville

Photogram Artist

Photogram is a technique that illustrates how light-sensitive materials work on photographic film or paper without the use of a camera.

As an experienced artist and photographer, Narelle Byrne creates photograms that provoke the mind to think and be aware of serious issues like drug and alcohol addiction.

Her priority is not only to expose random objects to create beautiful photograms, but more a battle to show the dark side of susbtance abuse and raise critical consciousness through her art.

Raising critical consciousness through art

Narelle's Endeavours:

  • Raise critical consciousness
  • Build community
  • Promote social change
  • Drug and alcohol addicts rehabilitation
  • Violence against women
  • Peace and reconciliation