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Narelle Byrne | Yarraville, VIC

Narelle Byrne is an internationally renowned photographer, photojournalist, musician and public speaker.

Through her artistic activism, she raises awareness around communities concerning issues like drug abuse, violence against women, AIDS, War and has a passion for fashion photography.

Art Activism

Narelle Byrne's voice is powerful and impacting when it comes to exposing social issues through her artistic efforts. Her nomination for the United Nations Media Peace Award alone is ample proof of her worldwide popularity. For instance, her 2007 photography exhibition, 'State of Mind', a black and white work on drug and alcohol abuse, has triggered controversies and debates on social and health issues. Even through her music she has been able to translate her fight for social change with striking words that calls for peace and justice.

Making her voice heard through art

Justice Through Music

Narelle Byrne lays a lot of emphasis on her music and how it helps her fight social injustices like human rights and violence against women. Music activism is the use of topical songs involving social justice and solutions. Through joy, pain, elation and despair, Narelle interprets social injustice in her songs. Describing her work through music, Narelle uses songs to show the impact of war on people and communities. Her well-known song “Fighting For Peace” in 2004, portrays her attempt to stop War.

Fighting injustice through music

Narelle's Endeavours:

  • Raise critical consciousness
  • Build community
  • Promote social change
  • Drug and alcohol addicts rehabilitation
  • Violence against women
  • Peace and reconciliation

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